Happy 10th Anniversary!

Today Pursue Higher Dreams Coaching celebrates 10 years in business.  This is the anniversary of the day I filed for an EIN with the IRS and opened an account at a Chase Bank on Ogden in Naperville, IL.  In the early days, my focus was on helping high school students prepare for college by improving their essay writing skills, and then we grew into a private tutoring company with programs for college testing and preparation services.

By the end of 2008 we had over 20 families receiving services at both of the public libraries and in private homes.  When I think about this trajectory, I’m not surprised that PHD Coaching is still here.  We were always good at the envisioning what our clients’ needs and wants.  What I am most proud of now is that despite the hiccups of writing and launching our newest service, career coaching, we still have a very loyal base.  Building relationships is one of our core values. Clients become like families when they work with a PHDC coach or tutor.

There is a quote that says “My hustle comes from being a mother” (Author Unknown). This was true for me in the beginning too, and the phrase still brings me a smile, but this business is not a side hustle.  This is our future.  In the early days, tutoring programs paid for many of my family’s “extras” like food, gas and school activities.  Not only are my kids young adults, but this is more my ministry than anything else. We are changing people lives by helping them move from mediocrity or just plain boredom into their next phase of real life.  and work. NOW we are building a legacy, and not a hustle.  As we move intentionally into the next phase of transition, I am even more determined to build a legacy that will outlast me.  In choosing our next ventures, PHD Coaching will build on its reputation for quality, but we will also grow more slowly and consistently producing new only a few products and events per year.  We will have more fun, and  we’ll celebrate our commitment to self-care and client care.   This time around, we are going to build balance into our processes.  We will continue to offer the best quality possible with special attention to the unique needs of our primary clients women of color under the age of 45.

As I close, I commit to more meaningful communications and media in 2018. This website is entirely new, and you can look forward to more content, more pictures, and more inspiration in the year to come.  We want to hear from you also.  To our current client family, thanks for letting us bear witness to your fabulous-ness.  The BEST is yest to come!